Copic-style Marker Brushes for Manga Studio

Jennifer Mack
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These are 3 brushes for Manga Studio 5 that mimic Copic Sketch markers. The sample above was done with the wedge and brush tips using the 12 colors of Copic’s Basic Set. (Click the right arrow on the picture to see the brush tip sample.)

Both the Wedge and Brush tip use a custom designed texture that I think captures the spirit of the physical marker tips.

1. Wedge Tip - Like using the fat end of the marker. It’s great for filling large areas and rough blending. Pen pressure controls ink density, so pressing hard makes a more opaque line.

2. Brush Tip - Like using the skinny end of the marker. A pressure sensitive tip lets you vary the line width with your pen. Just like the real brush tip.

3. Blender - Similar to the Colorless Blender, but use the lighter of the two colors as its color for the best result. White or transparent ink gives too strong of an effect.

To install, just unzip the file and drag the brushes to your favorite sub-tool palette.

Tested with Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint (1.4.1)

This product is not currently for sale.

You’ll get one .zip file with three Manga Studio brushes.



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